Superman Returns (2006)

Directed by Bryan Singer

Composed by

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Damon Intrabartolo conducts John Ottman John Ottman and Pro Tools recordist Larry Mah Damon Intrabartolo conducts Assistant music editor Joseph Bonn and John Ottman Scoring Mixer Casey Stone ProTools Engineer Larry Mah Scoring Mixer Casey Stone Publicist Ray Costa Assistant music editor Joseph Bonn Over John Ottman's shoulder at Todd AO Not now Dan... thinks mixer Casey Stone ProTools recordist Larry Mah Rick Baptist plays trumpet Warren Luening, Wayne Bergeron, Rick Baptist & Jon Lewis with Brandon Routh, John Ottman, and Bryan Singer Bryan Singer, Brandon Routh, Courtney Ford and Sam Huntington Bryan Singer (director), Brandon Routh (Clark/Superman) and Sam Huntington (Jimmy) Cellist Steve Erdody meets Brandon Routh Damon Intrabartolo conducts the Hollywood Studio Symphony Brandon Routh, Joseph Bonn, Courtney Ford and John Ottman Sam Huntington and Brandon Routh in front of the <i>Superman Returns</i> poster The code name for the film was <i>Red Sun</i>. Nice! Damon Intrabartolo conducts the orchestra for <i>Superman Returns</i> Orchestrator Lior Rosner talks to John Ottman Director Bryan Singer Director Bryan Singer and composer John Ottman Don Williams, Rick Todd, Matthew Scheller and director Bryan Singer Afternoon cheese plate at Warner Bros! The choir on <i>Superman Returns</i> Larry Mah and Debi Streeter at WB Mixer Casey Stone and John Ottman recording Choir at WB Eastwood stage Michael Dougherty, John Ottman, and Casey Stone at Superman Returns choir session Damon Intrabartolo with the Hollywood Studio Symphony John Ottman and ProTools recordist Larry Mah Larry Mah gets a back rub from Sara Routh Larry Mah gets a back rub from Sara Routh Lots of cues to record, in such little time

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