About the Website

Dan Goldwasser was Editor-in-Chief for the acclaimed website SoundtrackNet for over ten years. During that, he attended scoring sessions for such notable composers as Jerry Goldsmith, Elmer Bernstein, Michael Kamen, James Horner, Hans Zimmer, Randy Newman, Alan Silvestri, Danny Elfman, and many more – eventually, he began covering the sessions for SoundtrackNet.

Those news items – as well as much more – have a new home, here at ScoringSessions.com. We hope you enjoy this new look at the scoring industry, and come back to visit as we continue to grow and add more features to the website.

Do you have any information about a session that you think should be listed here? Do you have photos you want to share, details on the scoring dates, or other items of interest? If so, contact us!

2017 Camera Upgrade GoFund Me Sponsors

We want to thank the following people for their incredible generosity in helping us get a mirrorless camera with silent-shooting mode to allow us to get better photos of musicians playing their instruments during recorded takes:

Fred Smith, Brian Satterwhite, Sal Lozano, Joan Beal, Peter Mackie, Jeff Beal, Kayla Schmah, Kyle Smith, Jon Lewis, Stephen Erdody, Gio Washington-Wright, Rick Baptist, Bruce Dukov, Aija Mattson, Belinda Broughton, Amy Sanchez, Audrey Lamprey, Tom Gire, Dylan Hart, Laura Brenes, Evan Goldman, Leslie Reed, Brian Ralston, Sara Andon, Petr Kocanda, Erin Clarke, Vincent Oppido, Bill Piyatut, Bart Samolis, Michael Valerio, Tim Collins, Dane Walker, Mark Robertson and the anonymous donors that made it all possible. We are eternally grateful!

Special thanks to: Kyle Smith and Dallas Kruse for helping beta-test the new website.